12 Seconds of Pure Bliss

Jennifer Sneeden
3 min readAug 12, 2022
Photo by Toni Reed on Unsplash

I had an incredible meditation this morning. I was filled with an incredible sense of Well-Being permeating every cell in my body. I felt myself wrapped in a blanket of worthiness and Divine Love. I felt the perfection of my soul and the perfection of my life.

Wanting to savor this feeling, I sat in meditation long after my 15-minute timer went off. I just wanted to spend my morning basking in the perfection of this feeling. Feeling the tears form behind my closed eyelids because I relish feeling this good and want to carry it with me forever.

This is not my experience with meditation every day. Some days, it feels pointless. Some days it is pure bliss. Some days, my mind refuses to quiet the chatter; I just can’t break through to the high. Some days, it’s 14 minutes and 48 seconds of chatter, and 12 seconds of pure bliss.

Yet, there I am every morning, immediately after dropping my kids off at school, honoring my commitment to meditate. I do this for two reasons.

First, those days of pure bliss, like today, are so incredible, that I’m willing to put up with the difficult days in order to get them. I’m willing to invest 15 minutes per day to get to that feeling, even if I know I won’t reach it every day.

Second, even on the difficult days, the days where it feels like nothing is happening, I know that my whole day will go better after I meditate. When it’s difficult to quiet the chatter in my mind, it’s because Law of Attraction has already gained a lot of momentum in the wrong direction in my day. Maybe one of my kids was having a bad day. Maybe I woke up worried about something. Maybe car line at the school set me off. Whatever it is, my mind is already off and racing in the wrong direction.

If I allow that to continue, it will only build more momentum throughout the day. But when I take time to meditate, even when “nothing happens”, I’m slowing the momentum. Some days, I’m even stopping the momentum, giving me a chance to turn my day around before it gets away from me.

In the beginning, meditation is really hard. Even now, if I miss a day, it’s hard to get back to it the next day. This isn’t laziness, it’s momentum. When you start to meditate, or when you return to meditation after a break, your momentum is already strong in the wrong direction. The chatter in your head is really loud.

That’s why you have to make a commitment to do it daily for at least a few weeks. Because the first few weeks suck. You can think of a thousand things you’d rather be doing, including cleaning the shower. But stick with it. Magic happens on the other side.