How I Learned to Fall in Love with My Business

Several years ago, I reached a point in my business where I just wasn’t enjoying it much anymore. Instead of my passion, it had become a job. While I was pleased with the results I was getting, I was exhausted and burned out.

I had gotten complacent, and my business was starting to stagnate because of it.

Reaching higher and higher for a new goal just didn’t drive me the way it had in the past. Did I really want to keep chasing after new goals for the next 20 or 30 years? That didn’t appeal to me at all.

I began to realize that while I loved the income and lifestyle of being a business owner, I didn’t really love doing the work. I saw the daily responsibilities to run and grow my business as drudgery. An obligation I had to fulfill in order to reach the goal I had set.

While I had become a business owner, I hadn’t truly embraced the mindset of the business owner. Instead, I brought with me the middle-class mindset I learned growing up.

My father was on the grounds maintenance crew of a major corporation. Work was something he had to do. He never saw it as fulfilling. He never had passion for it. His passion was for being able to take care of his family. He loved knowing that he could “put dinner on the table each night” for all six of us.

He tolerated doing work he had to do in order to have the satisfaction of taking care of his family. He never enjoyed the work itself.

Work was what he had to suffer through to get the outcome he truly wanted: his paycheck.

When I started my business, of course, I brought this same mindset to it. The work of my business was something I had to suffer through in order to get the outcome I truly desired: freedom and income.

I was passionate about my business, but I was never really passionate about the work I was doing. Yes, I had read all about being passionate about your work. But it never sunk in to me that I should be passionate about doing the work, not just the outcome of the work.

Until I had a call with a client one day who told me she had just booked a trip to Finland for her family of five. I broke into tears. So did she.

See, when she first began working with me, she told me that her teenage daughters would be leaving home soon, and she had never been able to afford a family trip to take them back to see where she was from. Her greatest dream was to be able to show her daughters where she grew up before they all left home.

She had always just gotten by with her business. Enough to take care of her family, but never enough for the extras, like an overseas trip. When she first began working with me, she said that her greatest dream in life was to be able to take this trip with her children.

Now, her she was, eight months later, with enough additional revenue that she had just booked the trip. It was an incredibly emotional moment for both of us. Her because she made one of her dreams come true; me because I was so happy to have part of that journey with her.

It was in that moment that I truly got it. Helping her do the work she needed to do to make her dream come true was the greatest source of pleasure for me. I had been part of her transformation, and that was such a gift.

I saw the difference my work was making for my clients. I began to get so passionate about every aspect of my work and my business. My work with clients, running the business, marketing, and even dealing with the day-to-day issues.

I was able to see that every single part of what I was doing was making a difference in the lives of my clients. THAT became my driving force. Not the income. Not the lifestyle. Being part of helping others become more abundant.

To this day, it is still that passion that fuels me. I have so much enthusiasm for the work I do, and the difference it makes in people’s lives. Yes, I do still love the outcomes of my work, the income and the lifestyle, but that’s secondary to the passion of doing my work.

Can you connect with your passion for your work? Not just the money, but the social media posts, updating your website, filing your taxes. When you can enjoy the work it takes to reach a goal, you’ll be able to reach that goal so much faster.



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