The Intersection between Psychotherapy and Spirituality

Jennifer Sneeden
2 min readJul 17, 2023


Photo by Sven Piek on Unsplash

Psychotherapy and spirituality are often seen as distinct, if not oppositional practices. In fact, psychotherapy and spirituality go hand-in-hand to help us better our lives.

Spirituality is our innate desire for understanding. We wish to know ourselves more fully, we wish to know our purpose, we wish to find the meaning in our lives events.

There is no relationship more important in our lives than our relationship with our Inner Being or Highest and Best Self. There is no guidance more valuable than the guidance we receive from Source or Infinite Intelligence. However, people often get cut off from the wisdom and guidance available to them from their Highest and Best Self.

People may learn to listen to the adults who “know best” rather than to their own internal knowing. They may believe that they are not worthy of a direct connection to Infinite Intelligence. They may believe they are inherently “bad” or “lacking” and not see the truth about who they are.

These struggle block people’s ability to see the truth about themselves and their lives. They are then left disconnected from their Highest Self and disconnected from the joy which is their birthright.

How do you dig yourself out of this hole? That’s where psychotherapy comes in. Psychotherapy helps people heal from their suffering, whether it’s depression, anxiety, or merely the overwhelm of daily life. According to A Course in Miracles, the purpose of psychotherapy is to remove blocks to the truth. Psychotherapy can help people move beyond the limiting beliefs that have created pain and suffering in their lives.

Once someone is no longer suffering, they are able to reconnect with the magnificent life they were meant to live.