Thinking Small to Achieve Your Goals

Jennifer Sneeden
3 min readOct 10, 2022


Photo by Júnior Ferreira on Unsplash

“Once you get started, oh it’s hard to stop.
You can’t stop, you just can’t stop.” ~Rufus

So you’re a big thinker. Good for you. You’ve got goals and dreams that you could list for days. This is the delight of life. Thinking big brings us tremendous pleasure. But it’s just the beginning of reaching your goals.

Goal setting and goal achieving are two very different things. We’re all taught to set big goals for ourselves, to let our imaginations run wild. This is a very good thing. Letting my imagination run wild is one of my favorite things to do. I love to daydream about all wonderful manifestations that are currently unfolding. (Like my new hot tub and a ski trip this winter!)

Goal setting sets the ball in motion. It harnesses the incredible power of our minds, and focuses it like a laser beam in the direction of what we want for our lives. Imagining, setting, and visualizing goals brings tremendous pleasure.

It’s what comes after goal setting that trips up so many people. How do you take this big, audacious, thrilling goal, and make it a reality in your life?

That’s where the skill of goal achieving comes in. Goal achieving is a separate skill you need to master in order to reach your goals.

Goal setting harnesses the power of thinking big. Goal achieving harnesses the power of thinking small.

Thinking small is recognizing that the only thing that matters is what you do in this moment. Thinking small is making conscious choices about what you do right now toward your goals.

If your goal is a 6- or a 7- figure business, it can feel so big it’s overwhelming. We go into shut down mode. We begin to think of all the things we don’t yet know how to do, and end up on the couch binge-watching Real Housewives.

Instead, when you think small, you realize you have complete control over how you use the next hour, or even just the next minute.

You cannot double your client load in the next minute, but you can visualize having reached your goals. You can take a selfie to post on Instagram. You can jot down some great ideas for your next video. You can do a one-minute meditation to raise your vibration.

Goal achieving is baby steps. Baby step after baby step is all it takes. Because when you take a baby step, something magical happens: the Universe shows up to do the heavy lifting for you. Law of attraction responds by bringing you more ideas, more resources, more clients, more opportunities to reach your goal.

Ask yourself this simple question: What can I do right now to move myself one baby step closer to my goal?

Then sit quietly for a moment, and allow yourself to receive the answer.

No matter how big and audacious the goal is, baby steps are all you ever need to achieve it.